Thursday, 1 March 2018

Waiting for our...

bacon and scallop rolls at Griggs in Hythe.  

Not today I hasten to add. It is once again snowing with a lot more expected tomorrow.

Griggs is very much part of Hythe.
A fishmongers that serves the most delicious local caught fish.
A few tables are put out on the beach.  The fishing boats that have caught your lunch are pulled up alongside.  You take pot luck as to whether you get a table or just perch on the sea wall, blankets to sit on are provided.

Take your own wine; a healthy picnic in a glorious setting, what is there not to like?  Try it next time you come to Hythe.

We are fortunate that we live just a few hundred yards away.


  1. I love scallops, found some mightily reduced in Waitrose the other day. It has been Rye scallop week the past week. Rye is gorgeous without the tourists this time of year. Do you know the art gallery there? It's great, good exhibition coming up soon.

    1. Yes, I know Rye well, not the art gallery though. Be good to know when the exhibition you recommend starts, can you let me know? Have you been to Griggs? It really is worth the trip on a lovely day... something else!


    2. Here we are:
      Rye Society of Artists Spring Show
      24 March - 22nd April.
      Gallery 4
      No, I know Griggs but haven't eaten there for some reason.

    3. In the diary already, you’re not exhibiting there by any chance?


    4. No, I wish! Never been an artist although I am creative. Used to make stained glass before I had a stroke in 2015, seem to have lost all get up and go.
      Do you dabble in arty stuff?

    5. Err... no... just aspirations of artistical aspiration... as it were!?!



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