Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A scoal cuttle...

Malapropism is alive and well in Hythe.  Could it be the ageing brain I idly wonder?  I fear it maybe?  The other day I said
‘We walked to Hastings!’
What I should have said was
‘We walked to Folkestone!’
Worst bit of it all was I didn’t even twig that I had said the wrong seaside town!

Sat up in bed this morning  drinking tea, a card appeared by magic...

What I meant to say as I discovered it under my ipad was
‘The old coal shuttle trick!’
Back in the day, the man would arrive with gifts which would have magically appeared under the Christmas tree. It got so frustrating how to work out the magic I would frisk him on arrival, all to no avail.
This went on until the last occasion, the frisking had drawn a blank, apart from the enjoyment on his face!?!
I said 
‘Could you get some logs in?’
Again, another present duly found it’s way under the tree.
I was not to put too fine a point on it seriously pissed off as I just couldn’t work out how he had done it?
His cover was blown by B his able 
assistant who said
‘You set him up by asking for the logs the gift was in the coal scuttle!’
In a puff the magic was gone.

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