Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Is this just a...

load of old toffee?
I just can’t make up my mind as to whether we are all kidding ourselves that what we do is meaningful?  All this talk of the weather, hibernating; our small lives, the things we find amusing,  is any of it going to add a cotton-picking thing to the grand scheme of things?  And come to think of it, what is the grand scheme of things?
I love reading people’s blogs, sometimes I comment, most times I don’t. Sometimes I get irritated by the views people have, their thoughts, the things they say.  Most times I am in awe of how they get their point across.  I marvel at the good nature that they display.  The thing that comes across is why do they do it?  Wouldn’t they be better employed doing good for the less well-off instead of either praising themselves, knocking themselves or  just whinging about the weather?  There’s a lot of it out there, it’s the time of year for weather.  We can all stick our noses out of the windows and see what exactly it is doing in our neck of the woods without reading about it in someone else’s backyard in whatever part of the world they are idly blogging from.

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