Sunday, 25 February 2018


Women are a strange crowd.  We think nothing of voicing how much we like a complete stranger’s outfit.  I 
I love that camaraderie; kindred spirits in passing acknowledging their appreciation.
On one occasion at a summer fair I 
was trogging across a field at a 
smart county event.  You have to know me to realise I’ve got trogging off to a fine art.  Never the most elegant of gals.  Twinset and pearls I ain’t!  Although I do have a Queen Mary set that on occasions I sport.  I have the bosom for it you see.  
I was happy in my own sweet world, when a woman came up to me

‘I hope you don’t mind me saying,
but I’ve been watching you from my stand and you are the most interestingly dressed woman I’ve seen today! Would you accept this pinafore from me as a gift?’ 

Trade must have been slow that day!
My dumb had never been more founded.
With grace, which in itself is a rare state for me I accepted the gift.  She had made my day.
Could you see a man doing that to a fellow bloke?  I don’t think so!
I digress...
These earrings I bought for £79 a long while ago.  Such a lot of money for silver earrings, well to me it was.  They do not owe me one penny.  The joy I get each time I wear them, the remarks they garner is truly amazing.  

We’re a funny race us girls...

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