Sunday, 25 February 2018

The plan was...

to go to buy the bed. It is a serious business buying a bed.  After much deliberation we have decided on a Harrison bed, a British bed made in Yorkshire.  Who knew the faff of bed buying, I for one certainly didn’t.
A trip into Canterbury is once again planned this time to buy not  try.  This is no bad thing on one of the coldest days of the year as our central heating boiler yesterday conked out!  Opening the curtains this morning I fully expected to see snow.  The sea is calm, heavy cloud with orange breaks along the horizon, no snow!
The lady who swims every morning has just gone down to investigate the state of the sea on her way back from getting the paper.  Will she I idly wonder as I sit up cosy in bed?

An SOS has just been sent to the plumber, as we wait for him to call the ironing will get done.  
A productive way to keep warm! 


  1. I hope that you have better luck with a plumber than we have ! our boiler goes off at least once a day, and the husband has been trying to find someone to fix it for 4 weeks now. Luckily, said husband, opens the hatch, pulls the ladder down, and fiddles, and the boiler comes back on. It is most annoying when it goes off overnight and I go to have a shower first thing and no hot !! ( I think someone is finally coming this week ). I am praying for not too much snow this week, as I have to go to St. Albans ( from Harpenden )this afternoon, and Friday to get the grandkids from school......though knowing this country, they will probably be off school at the first flake !! Keep warm.

  2. We scuttled back from Canterbury as the snow decided to make its presence felt. The Yorkshire bed is ordered, the trip was a success. Our plumber is calling on his way home, hopefully to get us toasty and warm? I will be cosy in the meantime in my naff fluffy dressing gown bought today for a fiver. Last of the big spenders, me!

    Good luck with the school runs and the plumbers visit!



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