Thursday, 22 February 2018

I have taken a...

Pickford’s pill.  This is our shorthand for rearranging furniture.  You do get funny little ways as you get older and some might say there’s none funnier than us?
I must confess I am still in a state of shock at what we have left behind and what we are now living in.  The old mantra location, location, location, I totally get... or do I?  I wander around looking out to sea looking the very picture of a forlorn Grace Darling.
Sitting in the armchair knocking this out, I look one way to the sun on the sea, 


the other to this...

a picture of our old cottage 
delivered by a friend yesterday.

The shock at the difference was writ large on their faces.
I have today determined to be positive and get my treasures out.
Hang pictures on the wall, no 
worries that the sun will fade 
them.  By which time I will be 
dead and gone.  The bare, perfectly 
flat walls give me the 
heebie-jeebies I even idly thought fondly of moths... I didn’t say that!

Today, I am tackling the second bedroom, which I grandly call my workroom.  The simple truth is no work gets done in there, well a little light ironing on occasion.
This determination came about yesterday when two moths put in an appearance.  At the sight the apathetic blood crawling round my veins was galvanised into action, sweeping all crud before it.  I was on a mission. There was suddenly a purpose to my life by the sea; although I know what a sad state of affairs all this must present... horses for courses and all that!
My ‘workroom’ is taking shape, winter clothes are stashed away in boxes, summer clothes are out.
The girl’s on a mission.


  1. Oh do bring on the Sun for I long to feel its heat and receive a dose vitamin D in a natural form, your home by the sea looks great must be wonderful to breathe in its saltiness.

  2. Heron, there is not a cloud in the sky today. Dungeness across the bay looks for all the world like pyramids set against the sky. And bye the bye, Dungeness is designated the UK’s only desert.


  3. I remember visiting Dungeness and Derek Jarman's garden. You are so lucky to live by the ever-changing sea. Good luck with your mission!

    1. I am very conscious as to how lucky I am and in a funny way it makes it harder, can’t explain exactly why? Some might say a spoilt lump and they’d be right. Thank you Jane for being one of my two followers, a very select band if I may say so!


    2. Perhaps because of our expectations? I live in rural Ireland which people think is wonderful - it is! - but that doesn't stop me from complaining and getting fed up occasionally which can come across as ungrateful. There will be more followers but I'm enjoying being one of the select few :-)

    3. Every day I feel more settled...



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