Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The honeymoon is...

most definitely 
I can hardly bring myself to say it.  What has taken its place is just too awful to contemplate?
I had kidded myself I was free.
A new home, a fresh start, bracing sea air, sleek lines.  A place to start out afresh, leaving all worries behind.  A new carefree woman emerging from a crusty worn chrysalis.

It I am afraid to report isn’t going to now happen as I had hoped.  I am so discombobulated by these lastest findings I just don’t know how to handle the current situation.  The shackles that bound me have again in the blink of an eye clasped me in their armour embrace.  Not to put too fine a point on it I am well and truly stuffed!

Carefree I arrived back from yoga.   I went upstairs to change and there on the bedroom wall I saw 
the first sighting of a foe I thought I had left far behind.  360 year old cottages have many nooks and crannies, not so... I innocently thought a mere teenage property with bracing wind blowing through. I was safe. Wrong!
My old adversaries have made the journey with me and there on the wall...

Bugger, bugger, buggeration!


  1. Oh that's a relief....I thought it was going to be a huge house spider !
    I found you a few days ago on either Rachel/Tom/Cro or John G who I have been reading for ages !

  2. Spiders I can cope with, no bother. My lovely mum used to say ‘If you want to live and thrive, let a spider run alive!’ A good call, one I have always followed. It didn’t work for her though, sadly she died aged 48.

    Moths I just can’t abide. My peace of mind is completely shattered, crazy, but there you are! Back to all munchables in plastic boxes. A spoilt lump some might say?



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