Tuesday, 20 February 2018


I never thought me drawers would dry!

Why do so many people get so het up about piffling things in blogland? Or is this just the way the anonymity of blogging allows us to behave in the dark corners of the web?  Scuttling out for a quick nip and tuck of the nethers of unsuspecting bloggers.  
Unsuspecting?  I think not!
It’s a game, as long as you keep your end up and play well you can stay.  Be as outrageous as you like, let’s face it, it is all grist to the mill in the popularity stakes.  The more the merrier, alright I will admit some of the utterances are totally tasteless, never forget... it’s a numbers game.

Enjoy: this is a snapshot of modern day life.
Future generations will be pouring over all the twaddle and trying to search for the hidden meanings.

Trouble is...
There ain’t none!


I’ll be blowed if...

I am going to let some bugs, flour and water get the better of me! This is the state of play this morning. If you peer close enough...