Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Part two... Marmaladegate...

This blip sort of sums up my preserving saga... the frigging ipad doesn’t like doing blogs so words and gaps appear as if by magic right in the middle of the flow of words and as for editing what you have written well... it’s a bloody nightmare.  It isn’t helped by my being as good at techie stuff as I am at cooking these days!
Where was I?
With sugar spilling out all over floor I should have known the
cook-a-thon was doomed.  But no I crunched across the kitchen...
determined.  Then the scales had a moment and went into EEEE mode, obviously they objected to being overloaded. A whiff of deja-vu 
filled the air... did I 
Abort, abort, abort?
Oh dear, No!
I cracked on, once again in the guessing game.
Your guess is as good as mine,
I will let you see the end result...

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