Thursday, 8 February 2018

What is it with...

velvet I idly wonder? 
Every shop, magazine, email, 
features it.
It is the fabric of the moment.
Trouble is, I remember only too well the thick nap of the purple velvet curtains I had back in the day.  They really were what you call velvet... cotton velvet with attitude, and some.
Two items of clothes I value more than any other, is a wonderful aubergine in some lights, brown in others, silk velvet coat.
Love at first sight, the swing ticket told me I couldn’t afford it.  My heart had other ideas?

A man who was a lecturer in an art college came across to me in a London cafe and said I have been sat admiring your coat.  Which I hate to admit I had tossed onto an adjacent chair.  And to think I thought he was looking at me?  A girl can only dream!
Silk velvet trousers are the other item of apparel I have, and I ought to say, I can hardly stop myself from stroking my limbs when I am wearing them... sad I know!

Today I have seen the most glorious velvet lampshades.
Will I ever be free of this most insidious addiction I have?


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