Friday, 9 February 2018

Men in grey...

suits or to be more precise grey jumpers.  We sat in our new best bar in Hythe.  A no-nonsense, no frills sort of a place that the hairy hoary old/young Camra drinkers frequent. 
Looking round I clocked that all the inhabitants were wearing grey, including me.  Was it the secret society garb of the FNEDDs
‘Friday Night Early Doors Drinkers’?

Feeling peckish?
Crisps... Plain, salt and vinegar,cheese and onion.
Nuts... salted or dry-roasted.
‘No, just peanuts, we do have pork scratchings!’
Beer straight from the cask.
Cider from casks or flagons...
who knows?
ABV... god knows?
Wine... Two reds, two whites, one rose and and bottles of Prosecco for the upmarket.
We sat as the new kids on the block and were happy in amongst the great and good of Hythe...
a fine way to start the weekend.

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