Saturday, 10 February 2018

Sat by my...

pretend log fire, I got to thinking at least we aren’t inhaling the noxious fumes of a real log fire. And if the experts are to be believed you are breathing in nearly as many in the sitting room as you are out on a busy street. The only trouble is you can’t beat a real fire. 

This is the ‘real’ faux fire!?!
The flowers on the top are a bit of a give away that it isn’t on!

We do have a real chimney or it certainly looks that way from the outside.  One of our first jobs on arrival here was to get a man along who knows about these things.
‘The chimney is only big enough to accommodate a gas flue, so no can do!’ 
Although we are smack on the seafront we are toasty and warm on a wild day like today.

This modern living takes some getting used to.

I have today taken advantage of the weather by getting my rogues gallery of photographs on the stairs.  Slowly it is becoming our home by the sea and what nicer?

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