Sunday, 25 March 2018

A lazy cooking day...

Sunday.  A day I enjoy.  I cook that’s what I do.  I am in the middle of making up a food parcel for my old chums in the Highlands.  Yesterday I made a mincemeat and marzipan cake, which I ought to say I forgot as I pottered in the garden!  It isn’t burnt just a darker brown than my usual golden.
With the addition of a light pricking and the application of a dram or two, all will be well.
Today I will make chocolate brownies and cheese shortbread biscuits.  Together with a jar of mulled plum chutney and marmalade,  two creme eggs and a card of Hythe their Easter parcel will be winging its way on Monday.
The brothers who were my neighbours hopefully will enjoy some home cooking.

 Boudicca-like, knives flashing, yesterday I trundled my trusty trolley into town.  Our friends 
laughed fit to bust when I floated the idea of my new mode of transport, am I bothered not a bit. As a consequence our cars stand outside forlorn and unloved.  Walking to the shops our health improves by the day, who’s laughing now! 
The man was singing in his newly found choir.  A choir that sings for health.  A wonderful idea with all welcome to sing to their hearts content, although the conductor ensures they do it correctly it’s not just a singalong.  The health benefits are well known. 
From the small butchers in the High Street I bought belly of pork for today and an oxtail to slow cook for later in the week.  At the farmers market I bought local grown veg and eggs with the  deepest amber yolks.  I nipped 
into the charity shop that I work in on Friday mornings  in order to take in some ‘fly’ boots that after four wearings I’m giving the old heave-ho to.  Life is too blooming short to hobble around in uncomfortable footwear.
While there I carefully arranged in the window the most awful huge pottery chess set. A Marmite set,
love it or hate it. 
Confidently I said 
‘Someone will love this!’
Secretly I’m not so sure?

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