Sunday, 4 March 2018

All day he...

sat, did he catch anything?
I don’t know, we saw him set up,
we went shopping, then to the pub.
We came home and there he was sitting fishing, happy I suppose in his wet and cold world?

Look closely and you can see his feet sticking out of the tent.
Funny folk these fishermen.


  1. He might well have had a few beers with him to enjoy the peace and quiet.

  2. Yes, he probably did. Next question how did he have a widdle? Being a man, easy, just take great care not to get it mixed up with the lugworms, I suppose?

    My trouble is I have to prevent myself from rushing out with tea and soup. Especially as I guess he was trying to get away from it all. The vision of me hoving to with provisions is too awful to contemplate I do have a food parcel mentality, sadly!



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