Friday, 30 March 2018

Good Friday morning...

along the prom the couples walk.  My guess is they are off to buy their fish for today from Griggs,
the wonderful fish monger and restaurant on the beach just 100 hundred yards from our door. What finer way to start the Easter weekend?

A kite surfer flys by skimming the waves, fishermen unpack their cars  soon to claim their space on the beach.

Our first Easter in Hythe.

Where we live c.1900


  1. I just looked for those houses on google street view.....they look very smart now! Is one of those yours? What a wonderful spot to live.

    1. The whole row was knocked down and the plot was just left as scrub land for years. Word has it that the owner then of the Imperial Hotel sold it off for our row and a block of flats at the end, similar in shape to the one in the old photograph. The date on that is 1998. Ours was built in 1999. The other houses are pretty much the same today, only difference is they are flats. Can you see the Martello towers on the horizon
      marching off into the distance?



I’ll be blowed if...

I am going to let some bugs, flour and water get the better of me! This is the state of play this morning. If you peer close enough...