Friday, 30 March 2018

Up at sparrow fart...

I look and I look again.  Mug of tea in hand I sit in the quiet of the house and try to envisage my ideas come to life.  The builder’s plan to knock the wall down and then look at it seem on the surface the best way forward.  However, a lot of my treasures have just settled in their new home and two cupboards worth of old family china which have only just seen the light of day after decades, I will now have to repack and put away.  Am I gaining more space and losing more storage I idly wonder?  Then there is the upheaval, not to mention the cost.
At four in the morning I’m having a wobble.
A wall of Crittall windows with a parquet floor, a larger live-in kitchen.  My plan is to embrace the modern we now find ourselves living.  Sleek clean lines are at odds with my clutter brain.
The sea and the France filled horizon should be the main feature of our home on the coast.

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