Thursday, 29 March 2018

Men are coming... ,

great excitement! 
Real workmen with pencils behind their ears.
My plan is to knock a dark hall into the kitchen. The two doors to nowhere from the sitting room will be blocked off.  One will be repositioned to make the understairs cupboard into a pantry.  The other will be bricked up. All this sound expensive?  A mere bagatelle my dear reader!  The might that is Lett. is unstoppable.  I did think that we should be here a year before we ventured to do anything major, however living here for four months is time enough for me to at least dip a toe in, get some prices and a general feel for whether my plan is doable?
The man does at least know once the job is done I chill and don’t then constantly want to change things.
Up at our local we have found a kindred spirit builder bloke, he and I talk the same architrave 
language... it’s like Esperanto only more cutting edge.  My, to most other folk ‘old toot’, he totally gets, so much so I am seriously thinking of running away with him?  Only on the off chance I get a cheap price, you understand?
I have a way with words and I have been very clear that I (we) do not want him to bog off halfway through the job.  Builders do have previous for this kind of caper and I for one want to be sure he 
will be faithful!?!


  1. My one grieve with B.... builders is that they start and then disappear for while, then return and leave for a few weeks and it drives me up the blooming wall!

    1. They have no shame: on their mothers/sisters/daughters lives they will solemnly swear they will NOT leave until the job is done. Then along comes a cash in hand job and suddenly all bets are off.



I’ll be blowed if...

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