Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Once I had...

a car, I loved that car, it was my pride and joy.
July 2016, Saturday morning: I set off shopping in my wonderful scratch black Smart car.  It was raining after a dry spell, I thought to myself the roads may be slippery and as I approached a tricky turn I slowed down and round the corner the car started to skid.  Strangely I stayed calm and tried to steer into it as you are taught.  As if in slow motion the car slid across the road and up a steep bank, ever so gracefully the car tipped. I was trapped in the drivers seat with apart from a grazed arm no apparent injuries.  In what seemed like seconds people appeared. A nurse living close by in the middle of preparing lunch for twenty guests. A paramedic who  being on the receiving end of my not inconsiderable powers of persuasion wasn’t having any of my suggestions to just hop out.

‘There is no way you are climbing out of the sun roof!’

‘My lovely car!’  I plaintively cried as he rallied the Fire

Two fire engines turned up chocker with beefy firemen who under normal circumstances I would have been batting my eyelids at.
Worrying, I know, but there you are: you can’t keep a good’un down!
Their excitement was barely contained as they proceeded to tell me this was the first Smart car they had had the pleasure of dismantling.
With blood dripping out of a superficial wound on my arm they strangely weren’t hearing my pleas

I really AM fine!  My car, my 
lovely car, I can easily hop out of the sun roof!’

On they worked, attempting to cut 
through the safety cell, that is such an important feature of the Smart car.  A long old job I can tell you. 

At the end of the awful experiment of just what a fabulouly safe car the Smart is, where for once I wasn’t the star of the show, all were agreed that you are as safe as you could possibly be in a Smart car...
Who am I to argue?


  1. Oh dear. Not a pleasant sight; especially with a new car. Still' at least you weren't seriously hurt!

  2. Cro, I loved that car, it was the very first new car I ever owned. I bought it from a Smart dealer near Brighton back in 2003. How you can love an inanimate object I don’t know, but I did. When I went back for a replacement, Andrew Shipp the owner looking at the photo’s said it would have been fine. Obviously the top coming off meant it was a write-off. I believed him because on one occasion I was driving in heavy traffic on the M25 when a lorry clipped a bollard which flew onto the front of my car. Pulling off I fully expected to see extensive damage, not a scratch, apart from the funky paint job. The bollard had bounced off onto the hard shoulder. I felt bomb-proof in my lovely car, is it any wonder I felt so sad?



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