Saturday, 17 March 2018

Things that really...

hack me off.
People that talk incessantly on their mobile phones in public places. Surely if smokers can step outside for a cigarette, then calls made or received should be treated the same.  Do we all really need to share the fact that  Thomas has been sent home from school or that husband can’t get home tonight as business pressures need him to put in extra hours... err with his secretary?
Last night in the pub we sat talking to a couple that were moaning about their son’s addiction to his phone and social media.  We were nodding sagely in agreement when...
her phone rang...
‘Oh excuse me I must take this!’

People that take photographs of their food in restaurants.

Companies that get away with plastering their logo all over 
their merchandise and then have 
the neck to charge extortionate prices for the gullible and brain dead to be a walking advertisement of their wares.

Snobbery in all forms, what makes rich people feel superior to the less well off?

The lack of respect of other folks point of view, especially over Brexit.  The decision to put it to the people has brought the worst out in so many, sadly.

Dog owners that pick up the poo then carefully hang it in a tree.

Dog owners who don’t pick up the poo, leaving it for the unsuspecting to skateboard along the prom on a crest of shit.

Refined bloggers!?!


  1. I too hate manufacturers logos on the outside of clothing and hats for it takes me ages to unpick them with a small needle and it strains my eyes too but what else can I do ?

  2. Not buy hats with logos? Depending what sort of titfer you prefer, there are some very stylish plain ones to be found. Just had a thought... you get given them at the car owners rallies you attend? One with Reliant Robin on the front would certainly offend the Lanchester lookalike owner, of that I am very sure! Between polishing the aforesaid automobile, what better way to pass your time that to unpick the letters on the new hat?


  3. Oh yes Reliant three wheelers. I had three of them all told. Started with a Yellow Reliant Rialto Mk 1, then had two Reliant Rialto's Mk 2 - why 2 because I blew the engine on the first Mk 2 and bought a replacement with a sunshine roof. Spiffin little vehicles 750 CC engine with great acceleration did 120 miles per gallon and on one of them I got it up to 100mph on the M'way to my great delight ! Did a straight swop with the last one for a four wheeled car, a Zastava which was built like a tank but the suspension was not too good due to it's leaf springs - ugh!

    1. I feel a car blog coming on... from you as well as me Heron? How’s about it?


  4. Call me Mel and I will have a think about where to start however, I am also quite busy writing up some memory stuff for someone else not on line.... sh'ush its a secret xx

  5. Call you Mel? With all this talk of three wheelers, I am tempted to call you Derek!

    I kept popping over to your blog to see if your modern day quill has crept across your computer only to find... zilch. Well, that is until yesterday’s win drew, a cheery epistle, that and St Patrick’s day, a win, win, methinks?


  6. No not Derek it was Del Boy that they called him and I am Mel no longer a boy ah p'raps an old boy, no I am an old boy.

    I keep looking at your downturned face and thinks to meself that I have met you before the internet was even invented ?
    Drink may have been involved or even an Irish funeral - is there a difference - no not at at all...

  7. ‘Before the wheel was even invented!?!’ Blimey I haven’t worn well Mel! The only celtic funerals I have been to have been in the Highlands. And yes, the Scots enjoy the wake probably just as much as the Irish, and why not? I always say it is a celebration of the life and what better way than with a dram or two?



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