Tuesday, 24 April 2018

I got a fit of...

the giggles, we were talking pantry doors, like you do, especially in these parts.  Wherever you go it isn’t long before the thorny subject of doors and more especially pantry doors gets dropped like a pebble into a pond.  The ripples get ever wider as you have to decide just exactly how you are going to play it?  Are you going to appear terribly nonchalant and pretend it doesn’t really worry you one way or the other which way they hang?  The mask slips as it did for me this afternoon as two very earnest men were keen to get my definitive decision on my favoured swing
of the pantry door.  I was fine until the builder demonstrated by welding the broom in front of him.

‘You can have it here, here or here!  he said as the broom swung from quarter past to half past to quarter to.  Himself stood nodding sagely as the demonstration proceeded.  Many words were spent
 on explaining the advantages of the various positions.
I tried, oh how I tried to keep a straight face.  I even made a supreme effort to enter into this  very deep and meaningful conversation.  I could see a lot was riding on my decision  The mask slipped, I laughed... my bladder isn’t what it was.
I think even now they still don’t get the reason for my hilarity.
Funny creatures... men?

The offending, soon to be pantry door.  Oh, and the bemused builder.


  1. How wonderful to have a pantry ! I only have a small kitchen, though I recently moved my cookbooks out of a cupboard in said kitchen into an empty sideboard in another room, and it has made a lot of useful space. I no longer have to get down to floor level to get at the tinned food! When I pulled the tins all out I found about 6 at the back that were very out of date. Tried some mandarin oranges that were over 5 years old and they didn't taste right, though the husband survived his bowlful !

  2. The pantry is coming along a treat and by the time it is shelved from floor to ceiling I will be a happy bunny... sad I know!

    Cookery books... so many of mine went to the charity shop when we moved. Trouble now is I am so tempted to buy more on my Friday morning shift at the hospice shop. With the internet do we even need cookery books?


  3. I probably only ever use a few of my actual cookbooks. I have a large pile ( about 3 inches thick) of Waitrose recipe cards, collected over quite a lot of years and go to those for inspiration. Also, a huge amount of recipes torn from magazines in a file. I find these days though that any Waitrose recipes ( cards or their weekly paper/monthly magazine) are not the kind of things we like to eat! Too " modern" !


I’ll be blowed if...

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