Saturday, 28 April 2018

Now here’s a thing...

Hippo bags!
What?  You may well cry and before last week I would have done the same.  We have come up close and personal with the wondrous big yellow bag by way of our builder.

You buy them in builders’ suppliers empty then proceed to fill them with your clobber of choice.  Easy!  When full you phone up the Hipporarium, pay on plastic and they arrange to come and spirit the bag away.  Unlike ordering a skip, no licences have to be arranged with the council and the biggest plus for me is the fact that Hippo recycle 90% of the rubbish.
So far so good...
Now for the downside... me being up close and personal to a Hippo is... I am rapidly becoming one.
Not by osmosis I hasten to add, by feeding the builder.
I do have a desire to feed folk, it gives me great pleasure.  Trouble is all the biccies and cakes, oh and home made soup, daal and the many and various luncheons that get served are strangely 
finding their way into my tum as well!


  1. I never know that. Must investigate as there's stuff I would quite happily arrange to have picked up and taken. I wonder how much it costs . . .
    J x

    1. This is the medium size, £13.00 for the bag and £136.00 for the pick up. The smaller one obviously will be cheaper. The thing I like is they recycle most of it so it doesn’t get dumped in landfill.



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