Friday, 13 April 2018

Snippets of conversation...

‘It’s fifty years since we last met, 1967, I think it was?’

‘He’s tall!’

‘I told him your christian name, he knew your surname!’

‘After all these years, he remembered you!’

‘I don’t expect her to buy me gifts!’

‘I understand it may be her time of life?’

‘She wants sausages for supper when all I want is a tuna salad!’

‘You are worth more, walk away!’

‘He will be along shortly, he’s got the hots for the woman in the
**** shop!’

‘I remember you only got to five foot seven and a half inches in height!’

‘Yes, I got a Home Office dispensation for it!’

‘We’ve got to go, I’ve got something in the oven!’

‘He was buying nappies and the assistant said “Are these for your grandchild?”  “No for my daughter,” he replied.

‘Good to see you after all these years, we must do it again sometime!’

A flavour of Friday night in the pub,up and down the British Isles.


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