Thursday, 12 April 2018

To a bloke...

sitting King Canute-like in his pickup eating his elevenses.  I said 
‘It looks like you’re pushing back the sea!’

After a moments thought allowing time for the crisps to clear he said

‘No!  It’s tidal here!’

Letting that pearl of wisdom take time to register, po-faced I said
‘Oh!... Well, anyway you’re all doing a good job, thank you!’

As I wandered away along the prom with yoga roll over my shoulder he probably thought ‘Daft tart!’

As I wandered away along the prom watching the heavy plant trundling backways and forwards, I thought at least Shepway Council are taking our sea erosion seriously. Twice a year they move the shingle back along from where Mother 
Nature has over the winter decided it must go.
I know who my money is on!

But wait: The moral of this little tale is... he was happy that he thought he had educated the uneducated.
I was happy I had let him know I for one, was acknowledging all their hard work.
Win-win, I’d say!

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