Thursday, 24 May 2018

Sitting at my post...

applying slap to meet the day...
this is what I saw...

a seal fishing.

We could clearly see the fish in his mouth.  Unfortunately my iPad didn’t do full justice to the scene.

Maybe this living by the sea isn’t so bad after all?

Spoilt brat I hear you thinking!


  1. How wonderful to be so close to the sea. I am jealous !

    1. It is lovely and I am getting more settled day by day. They do say moving is up there with all the nasties in life. This move I can definitely relate to that, my age probably. As the work on the downstairs layout reaches conclusion it is having a calming effect. All of this I am well aware must come across as highly questionable and there is never a day goes by when I don’t acknowledge my good fortune.



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