Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Sitting in the gloom of...

a building site, I got to think...

Like you do.

Ploughing through the brochures I find lighting at least modern lighting, very mundane.  After much searching I found some old but funky looking lights.  Whether they live up to their photo’s on the internet will remain to be seen?
The sitting room floor has been chosen, the kitchen, hall and cloakroom tiles are also short listed.  The radiators I also want 
to be interesting, although I did 
draw the line at the one that looks like a huge harp.  There’s funky and there’s completely barking and I’m not in that camp just yet!  On the verge of wooferly, maybe? 

The builder is having a one step forward and two back sort of a day.  He’s not happy: the scones, cheese and fruit and the home made soup haven’t lifted his spirits over much.  Although bodger and his side-kick Hubs have enjoyed taking the michael out of the one wot feeds ‘em!  Never a good idea if you ask me?  They don’t know yet, I’m leaving them to their own devices tomorrow...

What they are pratting about at today reminds me of the chandelier scene from ‘Only Fools and Horses’ as one, the main man attempts to feed water cable through a beam and his underling  is looking up through the wrong frigging hole.

‘All the gear and no idea!’
he said and who am I to comment? 


  1. Avoid flat shiny radiators - we found they always look mucky and don't give off any heat. Much admired by visitors but useless!

    1. Good tip, thanks Sue. Luckily I’ve chosen a grey ribbed effort, so by your rule of thumb might be a winner? I will let you know...


  2. Hello there! From across the Pond. On this lovely 1st of May.

    Bogging is my first love too!!!!! Have tried other stuff. Never FB. But I dipped my toe into Instagram for a while.


    Blogging, I never leave.

    Have had many blogs, over the years. This "Wisps of Words" is my latest. And I'm enjoying it.

    You are "doing over", or something, to your home. Which sounds wonderful. It will be fun, to go along with you, on this adventure.

  3. I should add, right at the beginning..... I do not reply to comments, right on my blog. I go to those who comment on my blog... Read their posts... And comment on them.

    And I do not return to a blog, to see if the blogger has left a reply, to my comment, on her blog. Takes too much time. :-)

    No, I do it the very old fashioned way. I go to blogs of commenter's, read, comment there.

    Just explaining. Since so many people now, seem to _only_ reply to comments, on their blog. And don't seem to go comment in the blog's of others.

    Happy 1st of May!

  4. Watching tv programmes and all these modern windowed buildings don't seem to have radiators but presumably underfloor heating?
    Lovely to see a house being refurbished/restored, remember my old cottage as it slowly emerged from tartan carpets and horrible old bathroom.

    1. It is a process I am really enjoying, added to which it is making me feel more kindly to the house, A bonding of sorts.



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