Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Call me shallow...

I don’t care! All I really want to do is to write about things that tickle me!
Trouble is today hasn’t been one of those days.  I drove up to take my ‘mum’ A. to the opticians.  She at 93 wants to prove the doubters about her driving abilities, wrong!
She has decided the best way forward is to take a driving proficiency test.  Ex copper hubs has said if you fail the eye sight test you don’t even get chance to climb into the driving seat, let alone engage first gear. She is looking increasingly frail, although her tenacity is at full thrust.  She talks, that’s what she does.  I suppose living alone your head is full of chat, that you don’t often get the chance to exercise.  By the end of the day I feel my ears are in a state of collopse!  As we sat waiting for the eye test A. decided a new look was the order of the day.

‘These wire frame ones are old hat, I think I will get some heavy dark frames!’

I chose a pair not dissimilar to some last seen on Buddy Holly.

 She looked a treat.
These were duly decided upon.
The optician looked a tad bemused as I said

‘As soon as you get these A. that drive to the Lakes will be a very real possibility!’

I suppose he thought we were an ageing French and Saunders having a laugh... little did he know we were deadly serious.

By the end of the day after a trawl of the charity shops, luncheon in a garden centre, I was ready for the off.  All day it had 
chucked it down with rain and my 
thoughts were on me climbing into mylittle car and driving the one and a half hours home in peace and quiet.
Love’s a funny thing when you think about it...


  1. My Mum finally gave up driving when she was 94 ! ( though we weren't going to let her sign up for another licence) I had spent years trying to get her to stop. Her consultant even told her she shouldn't be driving, but no one thing wrong with her that he could report to DVLA. She cried on the way home from that appointment, but had forgotten what he said a week later! Her mantra was that she had been driving for 70 yrs without an accident.....yes Mum but you weren't in your 90s for most of that!! It was a hard time; her last few years. (Not helped by her in Leicester and me in Herts !...it was an hour and a half, like you)

    1. I haven’t shown my hand about her driving because she has been too poorly of late. Being a coward I thought she would elect to give up driving, herself. My fear is not that she will kill herself but someone else! It is such a blooming worry. She says about me overdoing it, however my blood pressure rises at just the thought of her being alone and her battling on. She really is indomitable. I so respect her spirit and intelligence. She sure knocks me into a cocked hat!



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