Monday, 18 June 2018

A funny sort of...

a day.
We went on a train, a special little train...
Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Light Railway.
We went to a special destination...
A power station?
Happily we trundled along the 13 miles taking a sedate hour and ten to get there.
We were heading for a shed in the shingle serving ale.
He was concerned...
‘What will you drink?’
What with me not being a beer drinker.
He needn’t have bothered as the glass put before me of bubbles I cautiously sipped.  This is good I thought, I will happily drink this!  
‘Is it okay?’
‘Yes, very!’
‘It’s Chapeldown!’
My favourite!  This day of hairy 
heaps of real ale drinking men 
standing around in a bleak spot overlooking Dungeness Power station, suddenly took on a warm fuzzy feeling!  I was happy.
Added to which I had decided to wear my Chinese thick silk dressing gown.  It had a dragon on the back... it somehow seemed appropriate, don,t ask me why?
That decision not only drew many comments but also ensured I was toasty and warm.
I talked plants with a lady gardener, she explained how to harvest the seed of the beach poppies, and other plants 
suited to my sea facing garden.  When to go back, and should we have a horticultural train trip in a month or two for us to do a little light scrumping?
Sounds like a plan!
Our conversation on the train home was of plants and personal 
relationships.  She, for a slip of a lass had sunk many pints, me well I had quaffed more than a few flutes, found ourselves fluent in
real ale and real life!
A lovely day.


  1. A lovely, unusual day out! I like steam trains......when I was a kid there was a nearby railway line that we could see from the back garden. Exciting at night when the sparks were flying from the chimney with the smoke!

    1. I have a happy memory of my lovely mum trying to catch a snap of a steam train emerging from the tunnel on the front at Teignmouth. In those days you had to wait a week to see the results. How the world has changed.


  2. Husband and I have been on that adorable little train, too! A lovely journey through that flat landscape. We also visited Dungeness, but it was such a cold day we soon returned from our walk to the car!
    A Chinese dressing gown for a day out on a train? That's unusual, but it obviously was the right choice and kept you snug!
    Margaret P

    1. Margaret, unfortunately I have never dressed appropriately for any occasion. Even at a garden party at the palace I looked a scruff! The ordinary, but lovely man I call husband has always said ‘You have a certain style!’ A rebel some might say? I’m happy that’s the main thing... Oh and very, very lucky, in so many ways.


  3. new to your blog; looking forward to getting to know you!

    1. Welcome Willow... enjoy the ride, hope it won’t be too bumpy for you?


  4. Another newbie. Love your posts!
    Elsewhere from amsterdam

    1. Thank you I have only just seen your comment!



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