Sunday, 10 June 2018

No! Can you...

believe two people have said that to me this week?  Me, of all people!
The first occasion was at yoga.  Due to my fall a couple of weeks ago my back is still twitchy. Our teacher has been keeping an eye on me, as I do have previous in my bull at a gate attitude in most things, yoga notwithstanding!
On Wednesday we were doing a pose and so far so good, then she took it a stage further.

‘Not for you L!’

‘Err, I feel okay, can I try?’


No other words accompanied that one word... boy did my respect for her grow apace!  It gave me no other place to go than sit it out.
What a woman!
On returning home I told himself 
and builder, they were impressed at her courage?

Then blow me, if my hairdresser went and uttered the very same word.  I was early for my appointment so was more than happy to sit and watch him cut a woman’s hair.  She had the sort of hair all my life I have wanted, wonderful straight swingy hair.  That sort of hair shows off a beautiful cut and boy was he doing a good job of it.  I decided there and then to ask him to do a 
similar cut for me.
His reply?  Yes, you’ve guessed it...


The word hung in the air for a 
while as our faces looked at each other in the mirror.  The shock writ large on my face...

Twice in a week?  

He obviously had no idea.  His reasoning was, he could definitely  do it and blow dry it to look similar, however tomorrow it certainly wouldn’t look the same.
So back to my original planned haircut.

There’s something in the air here in Hythe with all these No’s  flying about.  And I ought to say I feel the better for it!


  1. it takes a brave person to say "No" and someone who knows you well enough to say it.

    Joan (Devon)

    1. I agree with you Joan: although not sure either of them know me that well? I respect them both for all that!



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