Friday, 29 June 2018

‘Sh*t!’ reverberated...

along the parade and maybe even as far as Boulogne, caught in the feathers of a gull on a day trip to France?
Having a larger than life persona, some might even say of a theatrical bent?  When I think I am whispering my dulcet tones are heard by nearly the whole south coast. 
And the reason for all this, you might wonder?  A galleon in full sail, I set off before the heat of the day to shop with stripy trolley and straw hat.  A vision if ever there was one, trouble 
is, not of the drop down dead gorgeous sort. The wind took my hat off and bowled it along the prom.  Laughing and swearing and years since my bod had ever been out of first gear, I chased after it, swinging the trolley in order to extend the length of my arms!  It stayed just out of reach, until I just managed to catch it!
Plonking it very firmly on my head, I marched onwards with a 
very determined gait. Nobody messes with me in every step.

Looking like this... 
in my dreams!


  1. Ha' ha' ha' I know what that is like. I had a broad brimmed felt hat that used to take off in a wind and travel at a thousand miles an hour (well almost) on its brim along the road avoiding the cars too until it met a wall. I eventually fitted it with a chin-cord to hold it in place.

    1. Heron, I look odd enough without something tied around my chops, looking for all the world like I’ve got raging toothache?


  2. Not quite the same, but it reminded me of when I ran after what I thought was my friend, calling her all along a busy road only to find out that it was a stranger.

    1. Don’t you just feel a clot! I get enough strange looks as it is without ... RUNNING, not at all Lady Docker-ish. Which I have been called on more than one occasion! I am sooooo misunderstood!?!



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