Friday, 13 July 2018

Evensong yesterday in...

Just what I needed!
Magical soothing of the soul.

Today the faffing has started, I do love mincing around tweaking my treasures, as it were!?!
First phase... the dreaded 
cow parsley.  Not right there but I will eventually find it a home albeit a temporary one until I find a new love.
We have had a glorious week of no builder, no mega cooking, waistline-ish returns(?) peace reigns.  Next week sees the cloakroom done and the the major job of the huge glass sections going in.  

I wouldn’t mind but all of this is  my bright idea... methinks I am getting too old for this caper!?!


  1. The cow parsley looks like a piece of art, beautiful.

    1. I enjoy the dreams and schemes, then the setting the scene. It is the bit in the middle, putting my ideas into practice that this time seem to have gone on a tad too long. As I sit here early morning, well 7.30, I can only admire how my ideas have changed the place. This room overlooking the sea was a room full of doors, some to nowhere! Now just double doors to the front and a door to the kitchen diner. A great improvement, modest aren’t I?


  2. I love that green glass bottle...not so sure about the cow parsley! Some dried hydrangea would be nice !! Haha....shall I send you some? x

    1. A lovely thought... thank you! I love the architectural qualities of the cow parsley especially after the seeds are shed.



I’ll be blowed if...

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