Saturday, 28 July 2018

I’m getting old...

I’ve decided.
We’ve had two lovely builder-free days.

‘Shall we go to Rye and see Mama Mia?’  I suggest.

Not his sort of film I agree, however his loving reply.
‘Yes, that would be super!’
he said lying through his back teeth.
Off we go on what is predicted to be the hottest day of the millennium.
Only me could come up with such a crazy idea.
We sat in a lovely courtyard 
garden of a restaurant having a crab salad accompanied by the electric drilling and banter of scaffold men working overhead.  A lovely break from the building noise that has been going on since April at home... Aaah!

‘Does this crab taste bland to you?’

‘Yes!’  I replied, all the while thinking hope they don’t come and
ask... is everything alright?
I scuttled up to the ladies powder room as he paid.  I wasn’t in the mood for anything other than sweetness and light... it was too  hot for one thing!

We wandered around in the heat our steps leaving sun cream and sweat marks on the pavement.  I was 
shopping for razor wire, huge 
gates and lookout towers for the 
second phase of getting the back 
garden people proofed.  The recluse in me is lifting its slumbering dragon head.
Having a tray of tea in a quaint  ye olde worlde tea shop, out of 
the sun and the noise, a phone goes.  Does he wander outside and take the call, does he heck!  The restaurant heard the full sorry tale of whoever, being scammed by someone purportedly from TalkTalk.

‘Now this is what you must do!’ 
he said.  And you know something we all got his definite answer, 
not once but a couple of times.

‘Phone me back to let me know how 
you get on!’

Spare me!

Settling into our seats in the cinema I am sat next to a woman, every few seconds texting, no sound just the light going on and off of her phone. This was after the notice came up 

Turn off your frigging PHONES!

As the film was about to start I turned, looked her straight in the eye and said in my best grumpy old woman voice
‘Are you going to do that all through the film?’ 
I do have a rather sound carrying voice, the row in front turned as one and looked expectantly?

A brilliant silly uplifting film, 
which I ought to say he thoroughly enjoyed. We sang Abba songs all the way home through the thunder, lightning and rain, so no chance of seeing the eclipse then?


  1. I'd choose rain over the eclipse any time at the moment. :-)
    I'm glad the film was good.

    1. My water butt is full to overflowing, so not seeing the eclipse was a small price to pay. Added to which spoilt only child that I am, hearing no one else in the U.K. did either, I am happy. Says a lot, best not go there...


  2. Yes, I'd choose the rain over the eclipse, too! We've not had any, save such a light shower it was drying on the way down! You could see rain on the window panes (just) but it never managed to hit the ground, it was dry before then!
    I can't stand people who use their phones ALL THE TIME. What is wrong with them? Did they do this when they had landline phones? Is it just to try and make them look 'cool' (dreadful word, but I can't think of an alternative)? I'm glad you spoke to her! I have a carrying-kind-of-voice, too, thanks to elocution lessons when I was a child. (It was thought necessary in the 1950s by my parents to rid me of my Lancashire accent and then along came the Beatles and regional accents were the thing! A retrograde step in my opinion, but there you are, I'm just an old reactionary!
    Margaret P

    1. Glad to hear you have a foghorn voice as well, mine certainly wasn’t elocution lessons. My best estuary twang can stop tugboats on the Thames. Man says I have presence: that is speak for bossy moo!


    2. One thing I've never been asked to do is to repeat what I've said as I try and speak clearly first time. I can't stand mumblers (is that the correct spelling?) … to me it's wasting my time if I have to ask someone to repeat what they've said because they have spoken so badly. A neighbour, who speaks with a strong Devonshire accent (well, we live in Devon, ha ha, small wonder!) once said that she used to have a little spannew. So I said, "What's a spannew?" and after a lot of repetition it turns out she used to have a spaniel dog! Don't get me started on the speech on TV, and the harsh voices of mainly the women who read the weather forecasts!
      Margaret P

  3. I hear you. Me too. Phones drive me crazy too. I hate seeing all the kids walking along texting etc while friends walk silently alongside. Or in restaurants people sitting opposite each other texting. Why do we all need to 'speak' to people who are not with us so much these days? I'd have done exactly the same in the cinema too lol. Are we old fogies or are we just more aware of what's rude behaviour? Rain and windy here today. I never thought I'd ever see the day we'd enjoy seeing the rain! I live in Scotland for goodness sake, rain is what we do!!

    1. Yesterday sitting outside the Kino, having an early evening drink, I sat and watched a man with a child of no more than three. What drew my attention was the child was sat up at the table as quiet as a mouse. He had his head in his hands watching something on a laptop. His father was talking on the phone and when he wasn’t talking he was texting or checking on the cricket score or whatever. The only time there was any talk betweeen them was when the boy did something wrong and he started to cry. Pa jumped up and quickly got him sorted. As they walked away, I thought what sort of memories will he have of shared quality father and son time if that is what life holds for him? To get more interaction from a machine that the man that sired him, it won’t be long before the power of human interaction is gone, mobile phones notwithstanding.


  4. Good for you! Saying something to that woman!

    The older I get, the more I *say something.* Heh-heh-heh...


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