Friday, 27 July 2018

Skimpy cozzie to...

full-on head to toe burka swimming apparel.
She swims every day, in the depths of winter with snow on the ground to now.
Early morning on a deserted beach, I wander looking for large stones to put into my water feature.  That close to the sea and you want more water?  For the birds, not me.  My bowl made by a very dear potter friend Chris, seems so right in the garden with its shell edge.  It needs a large stone for the sparrows to feel safe to bathe.

Calm, coolish and quiet this is the best time to be abroad with just the lady swimmer, me and a detectorist.  Sitting on the huge granite sea defence stones I sat with a lap full of treasures.  A can of Stella and a choc ice wrapper by my side.  Not my breakfast, just litter I had picked up along the way.  With my eyes full of the perfect scene, I thought it is not half bad living here...

Wandering along the shore line I soon discovered the reason behind the change of swimming gear.  The warm weather has brought not so welcome visitors...
jelly fish.


  1. Oh, I do like that bird bath bowl.
    I've booked in to a nine week pottery course next year - maybe something like that could be a project. I'm sure the birds wouldn't mind the many imperfections!

  2. It is a coil pot. I went to Chris’ pottery glasses with lots of high flown arty-farty ideas. It won’t surprise you to know I was blooming hopeless... made a lasting friend though.

    The water is green due to my recycling project.


  3. Beautiful birdbath and poppies.

    1. Well, what is a girl to do in a garden the size of a penny black?


  4. Wandering on a deserted beach...

    How wonderful!!!!! How very wonderful, to be able, to do this...


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