Thursday, 26 July 2018

All my life as a...

Leo, middle August born, I have craved the spotlight.  Or have I?
The header on my blog might give a clue.  I have come to the conclusion that instead of seeking the limelight I have a very real need to be alone.  

Living here has made me realise I don’t do people.  The idea like the smell of coffee roasting, is so much better than the drinking.  The smell of bacon cooking so much more exciting than the eating.  The planning of menus so much more enjoyable than the entertaining.  Although today I have enjoyed a family visit so there is hope I am not becoming a total recluse.

I envy the likes of A. who says at 93, I don’t know where the day has gone?  She is content with her own  company.  Reading Elaine of ‘Tales from Parsonage Cottage’ brother’s blog, he seems happy enjoying his solitary life on the dried up canals of England, check him out.
 A very funny writer, just wish I could easily comment without all the ib,dip,dab,dob carry on of whatever whacky platform he’s on.  
 I can well imagine him now on the poop deck having a gin with angostura bitters... pink gin I think it’s called?   A
A chaser of beef tea might be appropriate as he could conceivably be classed as ‘at sea’?


  1. He's on wordpress, I think, but I know what you mean. It isn't easy to leave a comment, glad to know that it is not just me!

    You are a lovely, sunny Leo, therefore you really do need people - I have lots of Leo's in the family.

    1. I know Elaine, the trouble is every time I want to comment, I need to go through the whole rigmarole of what I had for brekkie, bra cup size and the she is worthyometer? By which time I am thoroughly hacked oft. On the one or two occasions I did walk the plank, I then got harassed and harangued by the Ephalump-Diesel (so bad for the planet, don’t you know!) Company’s PR dept. flogging his books. It used to be so easy when he was one of us.

      Leo’s... centre stage or nothing? That question mark was for you Elaine. When I read your blog and your bro’s, exclamation marks nor yet question marks never seem to feature... the mark of true penmanship.


    2. I'm on blogspot and I don't have any trouble, with commenting on his blog.....

      Just saying.....

      But I do know what it's like, to come on one of those blogs, which do not, not, not make commenting easy. Happily, his is not one of them, for me.


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