Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Am I turning into...

the project manager from hell?

Suddenly this morning it has occurred to me that this building howsyourfather has been going on too long.  Money is going and the progress has slowed.  I am fully aware that renovations are like a love affair.  Nail bitingly exciting at the outset, you gaze 
into the builder’s eyes with admiration, love even.  He can do no wrong as you see him weave his magic transforming your dreams into reality.  You feed him, give him gifts, he brings you flowers, olives, chimney pots.  As the weeks go the feelings deepen, you hang on his every word, his builderly knowledge never ceases to amaze.
Then one day, like today you wake up early with worry.  Have I made this too cushy a billet, flits 
through your mind?
Suddenly the ardour cools and common sense and hard financial facts hit you hard in the chops.

Lists get started entitled 
‘Still to do 1st Phase’
‘2nd Phase’

Quite a few of the things get put back.  We need a break for normality to return and funds to 
be allowed to grow.
Like all love affairs the passion and fun cools.  We have made a very real friend, not a lover!
Now we need time for ourselves, and dare I say it, boring normality to return... 


  1. It could be worse. The contractor could be your husband. Your project could remain unfinished for-effing-ever. -Kate, grrrrrr'ing

    1. The cobbler’s family are the worse shod. Good point. Sounds like the voice of experience there Kate?


  2. The last details always take longer..

    1. Next week is the home straight of the first phase. We still have the major job of the glass. Waiting for its arrival and two men and a dog tottering round with mega sized lumps, should be worth a post! Not to mention the cost, just wish I didn’t have such high flown ideas... story of my life!


    2. Yes and in a funny way they are the things that make or break it!



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