Sunday, 22 July 2018

We FaceTime that is...

the best way for me to see how A. is!  A ninety three year old on FaceTimes shows the mark of the woman!  

However there is a problem, we spoke on Friday night and the three times I tried yesterday, I didn’t get a reply.  This morning the same!
It was only last Sunday we shot over and got a huge rollicking for overreacting! Trouble is, it is so very difficult not to.  I must admit on Friday evening she did say that they had been having problems with BT.  The sensible bit of me, (yes I do have a smidgen!) tells me that is the reason, although?  Just phoned her... no reply.
When I talk to her, she carefully explains that I am the only one she can be 100% honest with and would definitely phone me. If I step out of line she will think twice about telling me!?! Although I hear the words I still worry.

She lives in a very caring community of folk who look out for her, so the sensible bit of me says don’t fuss... I do though!


  1. Very hard not to worry. Hope you hear from her soon. x

    1. I have heard and she is okay, she knows all the answers and is very hard to help! I am taking a hands off approach... I’m here for her, it is a worry for all that!



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