Sunday, 22 July 2018

A pot pourri of...

my week.

My tiles.

Which flush plate to chose for the downstairs cloakroom?

The impending sale of a thrice
used scooter... best not go there!

A quote for a roman blind, I nearly had a fit!

A haircut.

A party to meet the neighbours.

My work room nearly sorted.

Rain, which I am hoping has made a start on filling my water butt.

A walk to our favourite pub.

A busy week.  At last I am feeling a little more content with our new life.  They do say, moving is up there with the best of stress and 
this time I can honestly believe it.  My last move was fourteen years ago and a lot more upheaval 
in downsizing; leaving the home I had shared with a partner I had nursed through a very short illness to his death. My new home then, I quickly decided was too 
small and had to be enlarged!?!  Nobody thought to tell me the meaning of the word downsizing  and in practical terms, I hadn’t thought it through!  In comparison to now, I am fourteen years older and the change from old to modern has had a huge effect.  One I didn’t really consider.  I am a cheery happy-go-lucky sort of a 
soul so this will be only a temporary blip!  She said confidently all the while wondering...


  1. Those tiles will look great when they are finished. Selling the scooter? What haven't you told us ? I wish we could have some rain.......it's been weeks and weeks since we had any! x

  2. I haven’t told you what a spoilt lump I am, the scooter was just another ‘I want!’ After a few trips along the prom, it occurred to me I really should GROW UP! Not that I am likely to, mind! I am fit for an old’un, however the effort of scooting was probably going to put too much strain on one knee. Once again I didn’t think it through. The rain was lovely although now just a dim and distant memory.


  3. Never grow up, you are much more fun the way you are. I am relieved that I don't have to worry about you having mismatched legs. Try not to get over excited (so tempted to say flushed) when making that decision about the flush plates.

    I love the tiles.

    1. Unfortunately Elaine, I am still as daft as I always was. Not so appealing when you are an old lass, people must begin to think poor old girl is losing the plot. Not that I ever had it to lose in the first place!



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