Saturday, 21 July 2018

The tale of...

a bottle of pee and two tea bags.
We see it all here on the sea front in Hythe.  First thing there was the drama of a young seagull caught in a fisherman’s line.  Gently pulling it in the gull broke free, only to find itself entangled in the broken line.  It desperately tried to fly and for an hour we helplessly watched. Help came by way of four canoeists, carefully they untangled it, let it sit on one of their canoes in order for it to recover.  It flapped away onto the beach and is still sat preening itself.  Whether it can fly who knows?  Guess who wandered down to watch the rescue and didn’t take her camera?
What has this to do with two spent tea bags and a bottle of piddle you might well wonder? 

As I wandered back full of admiration for the kindness of strangers my eye spied this parked right opposite.  A van beside the no motor caravans 6pm-7am sign.  the evidence clear to see!  My problem isn’t them kipping in their van overnight but leaving the rubbish of their breakfast and the contents of their bladder for all to see.

All this excitement before even Crack has risen from his water bed?

I worry about the state of the world and the world’s oceans.  And I haven’t even got around to reading the paper yet!

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