Friday, 21 December 2018

Call me an old...

cynic, I don’t care!
This year’s mincemeat is decidedly gloopy.  On closer inspection as to the ingredients.  Sugar is the first ingredient, no surprise there, closely followed by apple purée, the villain of the peace.  A relatively inexpensive addition.  This sleight of hand is going on all around us, with less tissues in a box.  One pack less of crisps in a multi pack.  Lighter weight than before, need I go on? 

Now some might say 
‘Well LL is a chefette so why doesn’t she make her own mincemeat?’
Home made mincemeat in my book doesn’t taste the same.  Added to which I am far too busy allowing hubs to peel me the odd grape or two.

Shamefaced I have just read Sue’s
blog ‘Cottage at the end of the Lane’ (on my side bar) and low and
 behold there are two delicious recipes for mincemeat.  Too late for this year, however I am making an old year’s resolution to make my own next year.  Thanks Sue!
Oh, and I had better tack on a rider of not being such a miserable grump!?!
This paragraph was added this morning to the post ready to go for today.
Where is your spirit of Christmas
Lettice Leaf?

Do the supermarkets honestly think we the consumers haven’t twigged just exactly what they are doing?
Take us for fools at your cost says I an ex-Waitrose customer.


  1. I have actually written to my MP and my MSP about this sort of stuff. I like to drink soft drinks and now since the stupid (in my opinion) sugar tax, the drinks companies not only charge twice as much for the full sugar version, but they also sneak in some chemical sweeteners which is what I don't want! If I want chemical sweeteners I'd buy the low sugar version, I want full sugar and no other 'alternatives'. My body knows how to deal with full sugar, it does not know what to do with chemicals and I'm not stupid enough to drink gallons of it at a time. I am now an avid label reader! Needless to say the MP's sent me very generic responses telling me how important it is not to be taking full sugar now!! GRRRR. Steps off soapbox! x

    1. I am totally with you on sweeteners, reading all labels carefully is the way forward. Whether writing to your MP about anything these days has any effect, I’m not sure. ‘Miss Smthe-Gore (actually his wife) knock out one of our standard bog off letters, you know the ones pretending to care when once in office the last thing we are going to do is listen their worries and woes!’


  2. I don't make mince pies anymore, or Christmas cake. Everything seems to be getting smaller or less. Merry Christmas Lettice.

  3. I make cakes and mince pies for other people. I try not to for us as we do tend to eat them!?! Have a lovely Christmas Polly.



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