Tuesday, 11 December 2018

You have to...

use you imagination here... okay?
Lady Docker-like I swept up the stairs of the near empty bus.
Alright I know Lady Docker to my knowledge would never in all her born natural have ever graced the top of a bus.  In order to enter into the scene, picture yours truly parked beside the only other couple on the bus... in the front seats obviously!
Graciously I said to the bored looking husband of the woman yacking on her phone.
‘Do you mind if we join you in driving the bus?’
Oddly he looked at me and reluctantly agreed, maybe it was the mink coat?
The daughter on the end of his wife’s phone was as bored with her mother as were we.  Luckily the call ended in less than two stops... 
‘Must go Mum I’ve got to stuff the turkey!’
Being conscious of our carbon 
footprint we availed ourselves of our free bus passes and had a trip to Canterbury, Christmas shopping.
A list from Audrey... who is still with us... just!  My gifts and parcels have been sent, so it was quite a relaxed shopping trip.
A good day, with the return trip a one-off David Attenborough special of the raw, up close and personal school kids on the top of a bus.
Our eyes dazzled by the light of mobile phones, the interaction of kids sitting on the heads of 
others in order to get them to 
move seats, the noise.  In all of this we sat like an uninhabited island in the sea of techies at play.  The journey passed in a blink of an eye.  I was engrossed.
As I swept down the stairs a polite boy stepped back allowing me to exit ahead of the rabble.
Only fitting really, maybe it was the mink!?!


  1. I would have difficulty emerging from such a dream.

    1. The only bit that was a dream Joanne was the mink! That bit was a fib, I would never ever wear the fur of any animal. They wear it so much better than a mere human ever could.


    2. That was a relief, the fur being a fib. Vaguely remember the Dockers as show-offs, now the whole world is t it ;)

  2. You meet a whole different person on the bus in my experience! I love that I can sit upstairs on the bus now that there is no smoking on buses. I love to look over walls I can't usually see over! I feel I'm really coming over as a nosy old woman on your blog!! I'm heading into the big city tomorrow to try to get the last of the Christmas shopping done. Wish me luck! x

    1. I am the same, I even said to hubs, I wonder if everyone feels as interested in how folk live as I am? It amazes me just what a pickle people do live in, my son and family for one! Funny old life.


  3. Having had a bus pass for years I still always drive everywhere. It would take 2 buses to get to St. Albans and probably 3/4 to anywhere else nearby! I did once use it on the Park and ride in Oxford !
    We don't have double deckers around here. There is a rail bridge just down the road into Harpenden that isn't high enough.( in fact most of the local rail bridges are too low) A few months ago I was waiting for a lift just near the bridge and a double decker full of kids was heading for it It was a very heart in mouth moment until it stopped a few yards short of ripping the top off!!

    1. I tapped out a reply Frances and once again nothing happened... baffling, so here goes... again.

      Prior to moving here we didn’t use our bus passes either. Just a few weeks ago we traded both our cars in and got a ‘family’ car. Bit of a joke because we don’t consider ourselves a family, just a pair of old codgers. Both cars were sat outside going nowhere So for cost and doing our bit for the planet we now are a one car family. The ‘new’ car now sits outside looking forlorn!



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