Sunday, 13 January 2019

I have these eyes...

no surprise there?  I wander around Hythe on gloomy days with my shades on.  Looking for all the world like a faded star of the silver screen, not wanted to be recognised, but with every fibre of her ageing body keen for you to notice her and salute.

Today, with parka zipped up to my chins, beret firmly plonked on my head, the whole winter ensemble was topped off with the obligatory  sunglasses,  The fact there was not a glimmer of sun this side of the Dartford tunnel was a mere bagatelle.
Why, you might wonder has the old dear taken to such extraordinary behaviour... even for her!
Well seeing as your asking, it is my eyes... gettaway?
I have convinced myself that the sea air brings on these allergy type symptoms.  I haven’t really had allergies before although I have experienced dry sore eyes.  Living here it seems so much worse, how could that be?  Surely
folk go to the sea to escape allergens?
After all these years of getting in and out of the opticians scot- free, I now find I have the early glimmer of cataracts, could this have some effect I idly wonder?  I am increasingly having to use reading glasses, suddenly my crowing about not needing glasses 
is wearing a bit thin. 
About the only blooming thing that is!?? 


  1. I have a cataract in my left eye. Over the last couple of years it has gone from " longsighted " to very " shortsighted", and changing rapidly now. The last driving/TV specs only lasted 3 months! I have an appointment at a private clinic on Tuesday, and hope to have it operated on by the end of the month. I am told I would have to wait around 6 months or more to get it on NHS !

    1. My one long sighted eye and one shortsighted eye worked in perfect harmony until this year. Me never needing glasses for either. This year it has changed and for reading I now struggle, last appointment detected the cataracts or cataract, not sure which? Suddenly it seems to be fast tracking me towards bottle bottom bins...


  2. Getting older is not for sissies!! xx


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