Friday, 15 February 2019

Any ideas why...

just today I am unable to reply to my comments.  Alright, I know I only get a handful... however!
My ignorance on all things technical is now apparent to all!

If you do have an idea as to how I can get back to my usual MO it would be wonderful to know.  I have tried replying as suggested via my google account, do all that  jumping through hoops carry-on, ie ‘What was the name of your great-great uncle Sigmund’s first dog?’ And blow me down with a feather...
NOTHING FLAMING WELL HAPPENS.  I am on the cusp of having a hissy fit and flouncing off!

I don’t want to comment as Google account, I want to comment as ME!

Help, but be prepared for a wall of silence in reply... only saying!


  1. How awful. It's happening to some readers, but not to me--yet. So I haven't had to go searching for answers to an unknown question.

  2. Don’t look now but I’m back. I just don’t get it?


  3. I've no idea what the problem was or how to fix it but I'm fairly sure I read somewhere that Google plus is going or has gone so could that have some impact on you? I know I have a google plus account which is I believe where my little avatar comes from so when/if it goes I don't know exactly what will happen! We may all disappear into the ether for all I know. I hope I can still find you though! I won't settle till I see you in your new home!! x

    1. Thank you darling girl, the photo’s will find their way somehow. I didn’t think I had a google + account? My trouble is I am highly suspicious of all these all seeing howsyourfathers and try with every ounce of my being not to give away too much of my personal info a way. That’s rich coming from you with all the things you say on our blog, I hear you thinking!?!


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