Thursday, 14 February 2019

Mindfulness and me...

Imagine if you can...
a fart in a colander looking for a hole to get out!
This expression exactly  represents me.
A power, a force,
a pain to be around.  I must wear folk out, just watching?
When asked, Hubs says you are fun to live with.  Am I?  Now what I ask myself is when does the fun stop and the pain begin?  Which in my case internally, hypertension is maybe a marker as to the toll already sneakily be taken?

Meditation, has helped hugely with the navel gazing, the looking back, the if onlys.

Mindfulness... Pher... I haven’t got time for that!?!
I am far too busy doing absolutely blooming nothing to be bothered with that sort of carry-on!
That is until this morning, when a week in, our 30 minute body scan 
elicited a blooming revelation.

Now I ought to say here...
I have this leg. Which is the rogue leg of the outfit.  The one that sported a broken ankle, followed with a DVT the result of the break.  It then had the blooming audacity to give me crippling sciatica, which to this day, years after, I still carry the distinct sensation of a metal bar under my right foot.  The last few days I have developed a painful knee, yes you’ve guessed
it, same leg!
When the teacher told us she 
wanted us to do a 30 minute body
 scan each day, I inwardly groaned
 and thought that ain’t gonna happen!  A week in, don’t look now but it has been done every day, bar one. The truly amazing thing is, as the week progressed I began to see the sense, not that I would admit to that, mind!
Well, back to this leg...
during the scan, it hit me square between the eyes, well right buttock to be exact!  I hold my right leg slightly under tension... who knew?

In fact I have just realised I am doing it right now as I sit tapping this out on my flat thing. 
What a revelation this mindfulness is.  At this rate I could morph into a new improved woman? 

Don’t hold your breath...


  1. You almost may convince converts. I don't know if I would like being that in touch.

    1. Try it Joanne, it has certainly helped to stop me ruminating on past events.


  2. I just sat and typed out a big long comment to you on the joys of discovering your bad habits and I clearly hit a button and it all disappeared before my eyes! Suffice it to say, hopefully now that you've spotted you're doing this you will find ways to adjust your posture to take the pressure off and will feel much better for it. Can I also just say I love your analogy of being a fart in a collander lol. Brilliant. x

  3. Yes, this blooming techie stuff is at times a nightmare, see next post...

    Leg this morning is mproved, after liberal applications of Arnica massage balm.

    Glad you like my colander description, it so accurately seems to suit me... sad, but there you have it. All my life I’ve only ever wanted to be pale and interesting... not going to happen now is it?


    1. They say its never too late to try something so I don't think it would take much for you to try pale and interesting, you're already interesting, some flour would probably do the trick! lol. x

    2. It would have to be plain, mind!



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