Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Like a crab...

I have walked sideways up to telling Audrey.

All day I have had a thumping head, my BP is high and felt today especially as I had the distinct impression the not telling her was the reason I was suffering so.
After a bracing late afternoon stride along the prom, I came in full of resolve to begin to break our plans to her.
All good so far!
On FaceTime my opening gambit was as usual 

‘How are you today?’

‘Miserable and sleeping a lot!’
She then proceeded to tell me a catalogue of woes.
How could I begin to tell her today?
As it happened she asked about my blood pressure which gave me a very subtle in.

‘I have a stonking headache which I am pretty sure is because of my not enjoying living here!’
She knew and said that she wasn’t
 at all surprised!  That’s what she had been afraid of!

I said we want to come over for chat sometime and left it at that.
We talked on over many and various subjects.  After the call ended I felt quietly pleased that I had broached the subject in a careful
 way.  Allowing her time to mull
over the implications.
A start has been made...


  1. Now we have all the makings of a great caper.

    1. The funny thing is, this morning I have woken up with a much clearer head.
      Could it be that my fears of hurting her are in effect hurting me more?


  2. Let the game commence, you have made the first move in preparing her.

    1. Yes; the odd thing is, it was much easier than I had imagined.


  3. Very often we build things up in our mind that we think will be difficult and they end up being much more of a damp squib than we ever imagined. Hopefully that will be your experience of part two! Think calm thoughts! x

    1. Yes Marksgran... hopefully you pratice what you preach? How is your dad?



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