Thursday, 28 March 2019

I can’t sleep...

is it any wonder as the excitement levels twitch and stretch their muscles.
A funny thing happened today as I drew back the curtains.  
6 am-ish and there just below me was an old lady on an electric bicycle.  She was dressed in all the gear, crash hat and bright pink trainers,  What’s the big deal here LL I am sure you are thinking?  Well she was cycling, to say cycling was a slight exaggeration, not one revolution of the wheels type of cycling.  Hugging the wrong side of the road, next to the prom, she took both legs momentarily off the ground and did a sort of circle, getting off once that was complete.  All the while I watched on in wonderment thinking surely she needs to have one leg higher than the other in order to propel herself along.  Before I go any further I ought to say I’m no yellow wearing jersey clad in lyra lovely!  For one thing my boobs 
are far to big for it to be an 
attractive look... ditto my thighs, so what do I know?
On I watched as a snail overtook her (fib).  Then I noticed the stabilisers, have you ever seen stabilisers on a grown-ups bicycle?  
No? Neither have I!
Maybe that was why she was out and about at sparrow fart and who could blame her?


  1. Quite the sight--the old woman bicycler.

  2. I'm baaaaack! I can't sleep either but its probably jet lag. We left Sydney on Thursday at 6am and got home to Scotland at 7.30pm on Thursday! Sounds good till you factor in the time difference. It's a long journey but was so worth it, I feel a million times better now. Bring it on - and unfortunately there's a lot to bring on now, but I'm ready for it - she says! I love the image of the lady on a bike. Good for her for trying. So many 'old' people don't try things anymore and its very sad. I think stabalisers on an adult bike is an excellent idea! I want to know who fitted them for her now! Not long now till your BIG day. I can't wait to see it although I daresay you'll have the usual problems getting internet etc sorted. Why is it they can cut us off instantly but they cannot reinstate anything instantly? Hopefully the weather will be good and you can get out and about to curb the boredom. How is your gammy leg? I hope its getting better. 'See' you soon. x


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