Sunday, 24 March 2019

There are only so...

many hairs you can pluck out of your chin.
Tapestry stitches to sew.
Boxes to pack.
Cakes to make and send to friends.
Instructions to issue.
Countries cuisines to replicate as you sit and wait.
Blog posts to write to bore the few folk who visit.
People to watch as they pass by on the prom.
Plants to to water.
Books to read.
Fishermen to watch catching fish no bigger than whitebait.
Dogs on rescue centre websites to coo over.
Papers to read and chunter over.
Stones with holes in to look for on the beach.
Huffs to get with hubs when he tells me to uncross my gammy leg.
Times to resist the temptation of chocolate.
Walls to climb out of boredom.
Days to count until we go.
Cups of tea to drink before 
billiousness sets in.
Times I can resist showing just one photo of our new home on this blog.  Even now with just a couple of weeks to go I am worried I will jinx the deal.
Is it any wonder I say... 
‘I’m bored, what can I do for badness?’
An oft times refrain heard in this house never more so than 


  1. What will you do with your stones with holes?

    1. I thread them on wire like a jeweller does pearls on a fine cord. In place of the knots between, sometimes I put interesting bits of driftwood, sometimes not, as it were! I then plan to display them in my wrennary.


  2. Hopefully not long now xx

    1. No gz, the worse thing is, I am so ahead of the game. Time hangs heavy when there is very little to do. Added to which my leg is far from right so bracing walks are off the table. Quite a busy, buzzy week this week though!


  3. That does actually sound like a long list of busy things to do!! I am feeling a bit guilty having got back from food shopping and have merely sat to read the paper and do the " puzzles". So much more I could be doing, but I have got to get the grandkids from school this afternoon which involves a certain amount of walking with a dodgy knee, sitting for half an hour in the playground watching 8 yr old play before getting her brother after Lego club. Then I take them back to their ( my son's) house when G will inevitably start yelling about nothing much when we get back ...that's supposing he hasn't yelled all the way home in the car! His sister might smile, and he gets very cross with her smiling....of course she does it all the more !! I think I am looking forward to seeing them! Good to hear you are looking at dogs......just don't get a small terrier...they yap as I know to my cost as I have a yorkie living here. Not my dog.....belongs to a lady of 90 who has her during the day for company . ( I spent nearly 8 hours last weekend waiting with her for an ambulance...she got better in the end and it was cancelled..I got home at 1.45am...long story!). I know what you mean about showing a photo of your new house...".tempting fate" is one of my bugbears. Sorry...rather long comment . x


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