Friday, 22 March 2019

In your head you are...

still a bright young thing.
Or to put it in simpler terms in my head I am a bright young thing?
Worrying I know.
Just this morning as we munched our brekkie we got to talking about last night’s mindfulness lesson.  Each week I state to himself, this week I will put a sock in it and not say a word.  Each week I fail spectacularly.
‘You are so artistic LL!
said our teacher.
My mouth opened and closed without me saying a word... a result!
reverberated around my brain, what gives her that idea?
This morning we got into deep and meaningful about her statement.
‘What made her say that?’
I enquired from him wot knows?
‘It is so obvious by your whole persona!’
I can be very fluent when the old grey matter is engaged like NOW!
‘Is it how I dress?’  
I answered my own question by saying 
‘It can’t be as since pain has been a constant I’ve thrown clothes on without a thought!’  
Mobile charity clothes bank comes to mind.
‘You have presence!’
The funny thing is for years I thought I always in any situation flew under the radar.  So much so I well remember my opening gambit to someone was (and by the way it 
wasn’t a man!)
‘You probably won’t remember me, we met at whatever!’
‘Oh yes, I remember you very well!’
My mouth opened and closed and this time I resisted the temptation to say...
yes, you’ve guessed it...
When I told hubs my thoughts, he replied
‘Yes, under the radar like the difference between a battleship and a submarine!’

Blooming cheek!

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