Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Wearing Y fronts over his...

trews he worked on my knee, back and neck.
Alright, alright you and I both know I am telling a whopper!
He could so easily be doing though, as he now is my most fav. man of the moment...
Superman in a white coat.
As a throw away line I said I am suffering awful headaches with the worry of all the things that have been going on of late.
His hands felt my neck and the legs of the ironing board that had without my knowledge found there way up each side of my neck resisted his touch and some.
‘I see what you mean!’ he said sagely.
As the knee is now much improved he worked on my neck and back.  Which after much cracking and I ought to say the odd groan or two, I walked out feeling like a new woman.  He said as an afterthought my high blood pressure would benefit from my not toting around this ironing board ironmongery.  I’m hoping he’s right as I felt positively lightheaded as I floated up, up and away.

I am off next week to have an orthopaedic surgeon look at the cause of chronic knee pain.  All this with just four weeks now before we move out. Talk about 
taking it to the wire?


  1. Well, at minimum, don't carry boxes. Don't even look at boxes. Look away. Walk away!

  2. Err... I’m not very good at walking away. My parting shot to the osteopath was I walk through the pain, he said that’s what keeps me in business... no answer to that really is there? I suspect you don’t always practise what you preach Joanne?


  3. This reminds me of the first time I visited a chiropractor and he held me in his arms to adjust my neck and shoulders. I loved it! To be so intimate with a stranger ... well that's how it felt, anyway. -Kate

    1. ‘Intimate with a stranger!’ love it, must say i hadn’t thought about that one! Trouble for me was I just knew that pain was a third partner in the dance. The manoeuvre outweighed any nifty footwork. The knowing it was coming rather put me off! Although I did feel like a new woman after the cracking subsided. I even this week suggested a second dance!?!



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