Saturday, 6 April 2019

Gorilla rope tales...

funny thoughts from the 17 months
living by the sea.  A look back as we prepare to move away.
The regular three or four women who swim every day roughness permitting, seem to me to have very thin legs?  Is it the effect of cold sea water on their pins as they slice through the surf?  Maybe the shock melts the muscle?
They do all seem tanned though.  Weather beaten maybe, but brown of bod., who knew?
What causes an empty beach suddenly out of nowhere to  erupt with fishermen?  A mermaid’s eerie call from the depths of the sea causing them lemming-like to come?
Family Crack... not so much in evidence.  Huge top tucked into commando trousers, let’s face it it would never do to get a chill in your crack!  He still does insist on putting bollards outside his own house on a side street in order to disallow kindly folk from parking outside of Chez Craic, 
then has the cheek(get it?) to park his massive Crackmobile outside some other innocents’ abode!
The seal offshore, goading the glaring fishermen with a nonchalant partaking of brekkie right in front of their glaring eyes.
The old gorilla rope given to me by our much loved builder fresh out of their cage at Port Lympne 
zoo. Packing up I carefully unwound it from the railings.  Out of nowhere sparrows appeared keen
 to help me clear the the hairy 
bits left in amongst the plants.  Ruefully I smiled as I watched them work... Wimpy Homes eat your heart out, them there sparrows know how to make a cosy home?  The funny thing was, all along I have missed the garden birds having to content myself with gulls, crows and the odd starlings and then out of nowhere the sparrows arrive! 
Funny old world... 


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the view from your new home

  2. It's always the way. The minute you decide to do something, all the things you missed before suddenly become very obvious. I'm not sure if it's the same phenomenon as when you buy something and say, 'I've never seen it in that colour/style/length before' then suddenly you see it everywhere! I love that photograph of the bird drinking. Happy packing. xx

  3. Where did you find that fabulous picture? Being seen off by sparrows; a fabulous good bye.


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