Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Hands up...

I am admitting I need help.
There you have it, brave don’t you think?  As we trundled through town the husband suggested I pay pound notes, scones and any other enticements to get me clued up, in the technological kind.  And kind is how whoever is brave enough to take me on will have to be.  My trouble is I limp along just about getting by.  Then that horrible Mr Google throws in a googly.  Yes, I am still chuntering  on about this comment as google account carry-on. My trouble is, brace yourself, big confession coming up, I pretend I know what folk are talking about when they try to help!
As we strolled into the computer shop I plaintively appealed for help.
‘Yes, we can help you with your little computer problems!’ the fresh, smooth cheeked chap said.  Got my doubts he will be the same as he staggers out from the old homestead after an intensive twenty three and a half hour lesson.  Half hour off for lunch obv. 

Another view of the Wrenery.


  1. You need a person familiar with Google, or able to become so, as the problem is in the Google program coding. An old computer guru friend bailed me from what I assume was the same problem, and it was an afternoon of, "Oh, I see. Why did they do that? Well, we'll just fix them!" and so on and so forth. I do hope you find the proper fixer upper.

  2. I tried to comment on this post last night and it said I couldn't so I assumed you were perhaps working on it? I hope you soon get it fixed if it's not already! I do love the look of your wrenery! x

  3. I am so Tech Challenged that The Grandson had to set up the Ole Blog for me when he was but Nine Years Old... of coarse, he is a Child Genius so I didn't feel too stupid having a mere Child give me lessons on how to Blog... or what a Blog even was! Now he's 18 and moved out, so his 13 Year Old Sister is having to assist in the Technical Support role her older Brother once filled for Gramma! *Winks*


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