Sunday, 12 May 2019

She walked by holding...

aloft a willow dragonfly.
A beautiful dragonfly made from willow.
I couldn’t resist asking where she had got it.
Over the tipperty-trap wooden bridge.  As we parted, I said... you were sold a pup with that parasol.  Her and her husband laughed as like little Billy Goat Gruff I went Trip-trap over the rickety-rackerty bridge.  On a mission I was!
On discovering a hitherto undiscovered crafty part of the Ludlow Castle Spring Fair: common sense prevailed, and I decided that my still very cluttered life could manage very well without the addition of a willow dragonfly.


  1. I'd have had it!! It looks fabulous. x

  2. I'd have bought it, too - and then tried to copy it and have them in my garden all Summer. Somewhere dry for the winter!


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